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17 years later…..

Happy 17th Anniversary Babe! Here’s to many more wonderful years. I have learned that life is tough and it can create scars but scar tissue is thicker than skin! We can speak truth to that. I know with all life has thrown our way, as we have grown up together that we can make it through anything! I profess my love to you the first day we said I do to now 17 years later. You make my heart complete.

17 years later and I love my husband even more than when we first said I do. Its a different love. A deep, painful love knowing that we have fought so hard and we are never giving up. We are never quitting. Nothing is worth more than making it through thick and thin, better or worse and standing up saying I love you more this day than even 17 years ago when I first told you I would love you forever. It’s not perfect but nothing is and that is what makes it so special. That even though we are flawed we share those flaws with each other and we give each other our heart. We are true to each other even when its the hardest thing in the world to do. Its painful, its beautiful, its magnificent, its worth it!



~Be the Light~