Feeling like I have a newborn baby again


My youngest is 8 but right now it’s like she’s a newborn all over again.

The other day I posted about my daughter breaking her arm. Well after we went to see the bone doc we got the bad news we didn’t want to hear, that she’d have to have surgery. This morning we went in early and she had two large rods placed in her bones to stabilize them over the next 3-4 months.


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To see your child in pain is hard. Even though I’m not going to be getting my regular amount of sleep I need and enjoy, I think I’m more mentally exhausted than anything. Holding strong for your children is rough and it wears you thin.  The biggest thing is how much she needs me  at this time, the majority of my attention will be on her.  I hope my boys and hubby understand they are on the back burner for about another week. I think I’ll need another week after that just to sleep and recoup myself. Can we say “Calgon take me away!?”

Every 2 hours I will be waking up to keep her pain under control and make sure she’s doing well. This reminds me of when my kids were babies. Waking every few hours, helping them eat, go to the bathroom, bathe and so on. Add in the lack of sleep and well I feel like a zombie.  The positive side is its short lived and she will be better than new in a few months.

I think I need to get away from myself, I’ve been in my deep thoughts of my head and I’m exhausted. I’m heading out to get two hours of sleep.


Heres to being my super mommy self tonight 😉



My daughter wants to share her version of the story after she feels a little better. You can find it on her blog in the next few days.