When the heart of a mother grieves for another mother

I write with a sad heart. As a mother I can feel the pain of another mother losing her child,even though I’ve never been through it, I could only imagine.

But the pain I can feel is real and it is the pain knowing you want more minutes with the child you have cared for in this life, the child you carried in your womb, as you were one.

My heart is deeply saddened and I can pray all these prayers but I’m still sad.

But To be thankful in my tears, as I feel grateful I haven’t had to deal with such hardship as saying goodbye to a child knowing they will be passing this life onto a new one that is without its earthly parents.

I feel selfish that I’m grateful and have not had to feel that deep of pain but I feel remorse in my selfishness.

I feel fear for whatever could come or that I would have to experience that deep hurt of losing a child and I cry out please don’t let me ever have to deal with that because I think I would break.

What I can’t understand is why do bad things happen? Why do babies suffer and have to die? Why do parents have to say goodbye? It does not seem fair.

I have no true answers except we live in a life with free will and there is darkness and there is light and sometimes darkness creeps upon us and we have to find our light in that storm and hold on tight. Because if you look around and open your eyes even in the pain of the dark times we will see the good if we really look.

We have family friends who are saying goodbye to their baby boy. He only could be on this earth for 2 years but in those 2 years he has lit up the world for the goodness that a child can bring to friends and family and even those he hardly knows. He is a blessing to so many who have read his story, to so many who have been touched by this baby boy who is dying of cancer.

Cancer- it is such a Icky word. It’s not something you ever want to hear but it seems like a fair share of people I know have had to suffer from it. People I have come to know or knew in the past have lost their loved ones to it and even some of my loved ones have had it. It’s an icky word I don’t like to think of it but it’s real and it’s painful.

So in my grieving mothers heart I pray for the family and the mother that hurts so deep as they kiss their baby one last time and watch him as he takes his last breath. I pray that they see all the good even when it’s so hard. It’s so much easier to be angry and bitter when it feels like the darkness is surrounding them. I pray that God comforts them and wraps his arms around them and shows them he is good and they see all the love that is with them.

Remember time is but a fleeting moment

Hold each other tightly, kiss each other softly, don’t go to bed angry, be thankful for every breath you have, cherish these moments that are all too quick to pass by, hug your kids and be happy they are healthy,
don’t waste your time feeling sorry for yourself, dance in the rain, smile because it happened,

live loud, run wild and be free!

#choosetoday #choosethismoment

Be The Light for all to see