Thankful Jar

Our family decided to do a Thankful jar this year 2015.

There have been many times where we get so caught up in our problems & the busyness of our days that we can’t seem to find anything to be thankful for.

In these times it can really bring us down and a dark cloud surrounds the day.

So we decided that we would write little notes and put them in a jar. It could be multiple things or maybe just one thing or it could be nothing at all. It doesn’t really matter except that it comes from our heart.

I have noticed since we started this a few weeks ago that on a bad day where I just feel ho hum and I write my thankful note, I start to feel that dark cloud lift away. I don’t know how to explain it but it seems that when I create the atmosphere of being thankful and creating a positive environment, I myself can be much more positive.

To be thankful, it can be as silly as you want or as deep as want. Such as you are thankful for your fresh homemade buttered bread this morning or I am thankful for this breath of life I was given this morning.

Whatever it is, to be thankful is a gift in itself!


Recommended reading or group Bible study #1000gifts by Ann Voskamp

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