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IMG_1133Have you embraced yet? If you haven’t you should. Its a freeing experience.


For the longest time I didn’t love myself or like very many things about how I looked or how my body looked after 3 babies.

I also tried every diet in the book and tried working out until I couldn’t work out anymore. It got to the point it all just drove me crazy and I didn’t know what way I should eat or how I was ever going to feel good again. I was tired, depressed and everything felt like it was hopeless in all areas of my life.

Then I read a book on a flight on our way home from a family trip a few years back. I  started to realize that I was doing everything wrong and no matter what size I was I  could not stop the voices from telling me I was not good enough. So it didn’t matter how many diets or how much weight I lost or tricks I tried it still wouldn’t be good enough and I would gain all the weight back plus more. It was this terrible cycle.

I decided to throw everything I thought I knew out the window and start from scratch. I decided to be more positive to myself like saying nice things to myself instead of being hurtful.

I started taking care of myself in ways that mattered such as getting my hair fixed up. I bought myself new pants that I felt good in even though I hadn’t reached the magic size I thought I should be.If I didn’t feel like pants I bought a cute pair of shoes. I painted my toes. I started to search for positive uplifting books and advice. I had to start taking care of things that I could so the other stuff would fall in to place.

I gave up diets and I ate foods my body wanted even if it was junk food. I didn’t beat myself up whenever I ate something that I use to consider “bad”.  I started to seek positive people and slowly released myself from negativity. I gave up exercising except for walks and things I enjoyed like hiking.

During the process of growing I also I fell upon this website

I loved her message so today I am sharing it with you and I hope you can find something out of it because its no fun to live life stuck and miserable. Stop being so hard on yourself today and make baby steps. Every bit counts.

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