where there is pain there can also be beauty

My oldest son lost an old friend this week. They had not kept in a lot of contact the last few years after they changed schools , but is still hit my son hard when he heard the news because they were good buddies in middle school and it was painful to think that he was gone.  He had just ran into him the week before at the store. They had chatted and talked about hooking up.

This boy decided life was too hard and took his own life. He was only 16.  This boy was a good boy. He enjoyed life. He was a good athlete. He made everyone around him happy. He came from a good family. I knew his family. His mother is a wonderful mother. The siblings all love each other deeply. They do all the fun things that families do. They loved hard.

Its a good family so why did this happen?  How do I help my son understand when I don’t even understand? I don’t really know but all I can do is love and be there and let my son know its ok to mourn. Its ok to be angry. And let him know Its good to remember this young friend and remember all the fun times and all the good that he was.


Tonight we went to his celebration of life.  It was amazing. We got there close to the start time and the amount of cars piling in the parking lot and trying to find spots choked me up and I said to my son ” He didn’t even realize how much he was loved.” My heart was broken and happy at the same time. We went in and saw all these friends and family and loved ones that truly cared for him. The church was packed from the pews, to the floors to the walls to they foyer ,people kept piling in to Celebrate this life that was taken too early.They talked about all the fun , adventurous and funny things he did and we laughed and cried and this boys 16 short years were brought out to light for all to enjoy and see and Celebrate. This boy did so much for others and never even knew the shining light that he really was. It was a simply beautiful service and I am glad I was able to attend and get to know him a little more. I was thankful I could give his family hugs and support for this sad loss. There were no words that could make it better but I was able to show my love.

~This life is dark and hard and painful sometimes. But its also beautiful and messy and crazy and fun~

~It can be full of adventure, laughter, smiles, crying and joy~

Cherish your moments.

Don’t take life for granted.

Be thankful for all you have, every little moment.

Be simply amazing.

Remember to love your loved ones.

Smile at a stranger.Smile at your family. Smile at your friends.

Give a helping hand.

Be kind.

Be who you would want someone to be to you.

Be a safe place for someone to talk to.

Slow down. Just simply Enjoy life a little more.


Lets all remember how precious this life really is.

Live -Love -Give-


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