ChooseToday · Life

Darkness be gone

I see you standing there

In the darkness

Trying to be perfect, trying to say all the right things, trying to do all the right things

Its so hard…


you try but you can’t seem to make it better

until one day you give up

you don’t try anymore

being perfect is over rated

the darkness seeps in and takes over you

you stop fighting it but no one notices….


But I notice you…

You smile and act like everything is ok but I see the emptiness in your eyes

Don’t let that darkness overtake you

Lay your burden down

There is hope

The light wants in…

you are loved

Broken pieces and all

You are more precious than gold

My arms are here to hold you


Let that light come back before its too late.. Its never too late

Those demons that haunt are wrong

you are worth something

you are worth more

We can’t be perfect


This life is hard, this life is painful

but don’t ever give up

You are worth more

you are worth your dreams

don’t let anyone tell you less

or believe less

Its a lie from the pit


Lay it down and know its ok to be broken, its ok to hurt, you stand back up and try again


Hope, belief, choices, dreams


its all yours…



Just Believe…..


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