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do you like you? because I like you

I am unashamed of the gospel

I love God and Jesus is my savior


          I want to run wild ~ love strong ~ and be free.


I want to be like no other. I want to live with eyes wide open.

I want to love the broken and the lost and myself


I love deep even when it hurts

I love foolishly

I have let people down

People have let me down

I have let love ones hurt me


my body is not perfect

I have flaws

my skin is not perfect

my teeth are not perfect

I hate to exercise

I  like to eat candy

I don’t always eat healthy food

I am flawed in more ways than I can say

I am not perfect

                                              I don’t believe in fairy tales…..but I love fairytales

                                               I don’t know how to say no

I hate conflict

I am insecure

I am an introvert

I am afraid to hurt someones feelings

I am a hopeless romantic

Sometimes I just want to hide

I make mistakes

I love the truth but I am afraid of the truth


I am just simply afraid



I struggle

Life is not perfect


Sometimes I am not a good person

Sometimes I am a good person


I am not always nice

I like being nice

I don’t like to judge others …. but I do sometimes

I have a message……

                                                                     I am a messenger


I love broken people

I am a broken people

~I am a beautiful mess~

and I am good with that

because God made me this way