Just be who you are meant to be- You and only you-


We all try so hard to be what everyone thinks we should be or what we think everyone wants us to be.

We don’t allow our self to go one day without looking just right or acting just right.

Do we even know what we want? Do we know how we really are without trying to prove something or be somebody or look like someone we aren’t? What would happen if we let ourselves be happy? What if we just were real and down to earth one day. And just said I can be me today because I can.

All this trying gets us no where fast and we become unhappy, depressed,we hate ourselves and wish we could be someone else. We put on a mask. We put on a show. When we are broken inside searching for more.

I’ve been at fault for this many times over, never feeling like I can be good enough or I am not pretty enough or skinny enough or I can’t ever do enough -I try too hard.

I fear letting people down. If I can’t be everything to everyone than I am worth nothing. I try so hard to making everyone else happy but inside I am unhappy. I never let myself feel or do what I really want… Until one day I did. I let myself choose. And It was good

We aren’t perfect so stop trying so hard.

Having flaws makes us who we are. It makes us an individual

God didn’t make a mistake when he created you.

Love yourself. You are beautiful. You are worth your dreams. You are worth your choices. You are free to be you.

You don’t have to try so hard

Love this video…. Colbie Callait -perfect video I love it-