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Hey you mommy over there

Hey mommy who tries to keep it together all the time yeah I’m talking to you.

Guess what Today I was a mommy who didn’t have it together.

I was sick and I just did not feel like keeping it together anymore.

This was tough for me because I like structure, I feel good when everything is in its place and I’ve checked everything off my to do but today there was no list.

I let all my strict busy schedule I call my life and completely let it fly out the window. And it was ok.

I was ok .

I survived.

I skipped taking my daughter to dance.

I let her watch a ton of movies on the iPad as we snuggled together and I half slept and half listened.

I didn’t clean my house , I didn’t do the laundry or the dishes and the only thing I could muster up for dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich.

But you know what she was thankful. She loved snuggling and getting to break a rule of too many movies. And instead we rested and we just WERE-her and I, mommy and daughter enjoying a night of rest.

Nothing happened because I couldn’t keep my house clean or I simply didn’t want to try and do one more thing today.

I allowed my soul, my mind and body to rest. I thanked god for that moment to rest my sick body and to just be me and gave myself permission.

I realized it’s ok when I’m not trying to keep it all perfect. Because it’s never really perfect. We can’t be perfect it’s too hard trying. We exhaust ourselves. And we find ourselves running the hamster wheel
Getting no where quick.

What I’ve been coming to realize is life is more joyful and peaceful when I let a day go here and there and I stop trying to be everything to everyone and I just be me. I start thinking about me. I start loving me for me. And I start being free to be me.

And Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28 (NIV)