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Freedom to be free

All I want is what I want yet I am not sure I know what I really want.

Does that make sense? My brain is all jumbled, it’s gone blank.

I can go nights on end thinking of all these amazing adventures, ideas and plans yet when it’s time to implement, I’m completely lost. Everything that was once in my thoughts has blown away like the wind.

I see awesome ideas and think I want to do that but then I don’t. Why don’t i?

It’s easier to stick with what I know. To just keep playing it safe, if I keep hiding it won’t matter. I like the comfort zone it’s not too scary.

what do I really want? Do I just stumble along and try to figure it out without really knowing or do I keep up with my self doubts? on the inside I’m craving something that’s not that!

I want freedom, I want to be unrestricted, unchained. I want to feel the wind against my face and no worries at all. Is this even possible in this life?

This life that carries so much beauty and yet so much pain.

I believe it’s possible – it’s a journey and everyday I make plans to change to seek what could be more. It takes me that much closer to my dreams of freedom of being unrestricted. To being limitless, to actually choose to fully live this life!