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Finding Beauty in today

imageJust for today find the beauty in the moments.

It’s not always easy as I open my eyes to another day of a long to do list. A day where I think ok God today is a gift yet why don’t I feel it as a gift.  Breathe In breathe out, I’m ready, I can do this.

Its the little things, yet sometimes my eyes are blinded, my mind has taken over of worries of tomorrow and the loud yelling of a voice in my head saying you aren’t good enough, you aren’t doing enough.

But  then I sit down and I realize that voice is a lie. My day is a gift and life is just a breath and I will cherish it.

Finding that beauty takes stilling your thoughts. Capture them and start opening your eyes. See all that is around. Start being thankful. Start listing all the things that make you happy.

Capture all your positive into one and you will be amazed at how freeing that is. Releasing all the negative.


My happiness/thankful list….

-for this quiet morning I get to write.

-my hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug

-working from home

-for my kids

-the beautiful flowers growing after months of grey and cold and snow

-the sunshine through my windows

– a love like no other with my husband

…….and the list goes on. As I write all that makes me smile, all that fills me with joy,  even if it’s just at this moment because it changes moment to moment, I realize how blessed I really am. I find that beauty, that is sometimes so hard to see.

Choose today, choose this moment for every breath I take I am free!