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“Just Breathing isn’t really living”

My daughter and I went to the play Pollyanna last night at our local Performing arts Center. The local theater has a cute small town feel to it and the local actors- many teachers and kids from our town- did an amazing job. It was great to experience. I had never been before. What made it even more enjoyable was the experience with my daughter. She loves all that sparkle and glam of singing, acting anything where she can put a show on. I think seeing live theatre is a great idea for the mind. We loved the story which I can honestly say I have heard of but I had never seen before.

The story of Pollyanna got me thinking though. She had a tough life but lived full of sunshine. We need to play the glad game. We need to find something good out of something bad. Here is an orphan girl who lost both her parents and yet she was able to make sunshine grow wherever she went. Its just an all around heart warming story. Its a good lesson in life to be positive. When Mrs Snow said “Im just breathing” and then Pollyanna said ” Just breathing isn’t living” it made me think. I want to CHOOSE TODAY to smile brighter, to live this life I was given. Even in the down times.

How many of us do that? We just breathe and forget to live. I know on many occasions I just barely have hung on and yet when I start to look at the joy and the beauty before my eyes it can really brighten up one’s perspective.

So Today CHOOSE. Choose in the bad and choose in the good to just be GLAD. I am glad that I have three wonderful kids to raise and I get to wake up each morning to take care of them.

What are you glad for today?