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Making an old tradition into a new tradition

ImageWe are choosing to make an old tradition into a new tradition. We are making family memories.

I use to love to ski. I let life get in the way and stopped due to me thinking I could not do both being a mom and the money it cost just never seemed like I should spend it and it seemed too difficult to make the effort anymore.

So after having my second child, I gave everything away that I owned for that hobby and went on with life forgetting that I had things I use to love to do.

Last year we had an option to put my older son on the local ski bus. They get a package deal with rentals, lessons and lift tickets for about 4 month of the ski season. And it was considered a PE class so the homeschool/charter school helped pay with our allotment. I thought, I use to love that I should see if my son would like it. We put him on it and he of course loved it. He signed up this year again with his brother and they both are having such a blast getting out enjoying the mountain and learning a new fun hobby.

Its been a dream of mine to go back to what I use to love and do it as a family. I am also wanting to have more adventures and make family memories. This involves spending some money most of the time. It was a great time to get out because work has gotten in the way so we needed to get out of our home environment. This last weekend I decided to book a room at the lodge and we all packed up and headed to the mountain for a fun family weekend.

My husband and I got back onto skis after 16 years of not doing it. My 7 year old tried it for the first time and she did so great and was so determined. My kids could not stop raving how fun it was and they were so glad we did it. I am so happy we did it. It might not be something we get to do often but I hope to do it again at least once more before the winter season is over.

As I was out on the mountain, everything that I loved about it came rushing back to me. I asked myself why did I let so many years go by. And why did I give up on things that I love to do. The thing is you always end up spending money on something. Why didn’t I make the effort to to put that on the list of saving for. Especially because we all were able to connect as a family and it was getting fresh air and exercise at the same time. These are the things I am talking about. Don’t let life get away. Don’t give up your passions. It takes some extra effort and some money sometimes. But we end up spending it on something. Invest in your family. Invest in quality memories. Invest in yourself. It is so worth it!


Are there dreams or passions you have given up? How can you make it possible to do them again?