Don’t stop doing things that you love

I use to love to ski. I remember my best friends dad taking me to Mt. Hood and learning for the first time. It was one of the most amazing experiences I can remember.
I loved everything about it. From the fresh mountain air to the beautiful mountain scenery to the peaceful lodge where you would sit by the fire and warm up until you were ready for your next run down the slopes.
They were great childhood memories.  I would try to get every opportunity to go with youth groups, friends, however I could make it to the mountains I would go.Then I got older. I got married and extra funds for my passions were not an option. We moved away to another state to try a new life and we got even more broke. We had children and any extra money went towards raising them.

My passions went even further on the back burner. It was time to throw away any ideas that cost too much money or took too much time to plan with kids. Big extravagant adventures were not really on the list.

Its strange how you can let things you love to do just go away with time and you forget how much you miss them.  Its easy to give up on passions due to family changes, money problems or just everyday life getting in the way. Then 16 years pass by and you wonder why you stopped doing those passions or why you never really picked them back up but you don’t really know how to get back there. Its a shrug of the shoulders like yeah I use to really enjoy that but that is just not possible in my life anymore.

Why is it not possible? Why have you given up on things that make you smile? Why did you let stuff get in the way of your loves?

What if lack of money was not a problem?

I have started to question my thinking. Especially when I have delved into the dream journey culture. There are things that we once thought were so great and we had to give up but why can’t we get back there and try them again. Will doing it reignite that spark for living life once again? Don’t stop doing things that you love. Sometimes we have to put them on the back burner but don’t do it for 16 years. We only live this life once and I believe God made it so beautiful so we can enjoy it…..