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Don’ t try to do this life alone


Life is precious, It’s even more precious when you have people to share it with

Its not worth it. To be alone I mean. We were meant to lean on one another in this life. If you try to do it alone you end up sad and very lonely. Yes it may seem great for awhile but eventually it is not ok. Even though it may seem nice to get away from people because we can’t seem to agree or its just hard to live in a life full of chaos we really do need each other. God gave us help mates for that reason.

Genesis 2:18

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

I know this because I have tried to get through things without friends because fear of getting hurt. But we need God, we need friends, we need family, we need each other. There are times where I get too busy and I forget to let my loved ones know I am thinking of them and I really feel its important to not lose touch. Even when it can get hard to make an effort it is worth it.

In honor of love day, reach out to a loved one or a someone you miss. Someone that it has been awhile you have not seen or talked to. Send a quick text or call to let them know they are in your thoughts today. Make a plan for dinner or a coffee date. We are important to each more than we ever really know. And sadly most of us don’t realize until that someone is gone.

If today was your last day here who would you reach out? do you have someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile but really want to? Are you trying to live this life all alone?