Some days it feels like groundhog day

Do you have those days where its the same thing over and over like that movie groundhog day and you have lost your desire to get responsibility done? I get that some times. Especially when everything you do is from your home. Working from home, teaching from home, living at home- well I just plain get tired of my home. Home is where the heart is and for the most part I love all the things about getting to be able to have the freedom to work and school from home but it is also where you get burned out and tired of seeing it and you feel cooped up because you are stuck in it everyday. Now we do have things we get out and do but they again are part of the responsibility-taking the kids to their activities, going to gym etc .Those get you out of the house but they are still on my to do- must get done list.

There comes days where I really don’t feel like doing much of anything and I am highly unmotivated. I have a large list of things to do but I simply don’t want to do them and for the life of me I can’t get anything done no matter how hard I try and how many lists I make. I have this wall that can’t get knocked down. I can’t quite put my finger on what causes this to happen at certain times but I get such a dull attitude and I feel little down during these times. I could very easily put my pajamas on and go back to bed. I use to think this was depression but I don’t think its quite there. It is usually because I haven’t done anything to light the fire of passion under me and I have not done anything I really want to do. I am only doing what I need or am suppose to do and so I am in a mood. I do think its ok to go through moments and moods like this. Sometimes I don’t want to do my responsibilities but I have to do them. It requires my great efforts to just make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the kids. Now if this was day in and day out I might ask for some help but there are some weeks I am tired and nothing is appealing no matter what and no help is going to help me.

So how do we get out of this slump?

 I try to change up the scenery. I may need to go take a walk and get fresh air. Or just take the whole day off (if thats possible) and don’t make your bed, don’t clean your house, don’t do your work, don’t put on makeup (if you wear it of course), don’t cook,  just let everything be stagnant. Maybe a good day on the couch in your comfiest pajamas, reading a book or watching your favorite movie is what the Dr. ordered. Then the next day after allowing all your rules to fly out the window pick yourself back up and get on track to what needs to get done. Sometimes it just takes that day of nothing to make you feel motivated to clean up your house, get that long list of to do’s done or make yourself look presentable. We all have these days and its perfectly ok. It could be that I need to throw everything out for the rest of the week and pull myself together the following week. If it goes on longer you might just need to take a vacation away from your environment for a few days or a week. There’s nothing that gets me more excited than knowing I am going to do something fun and get away from my everyday life. It could even be going to the local coffee shop to meet with a friend to help get some motivational brain cells going. I always find a good chat with a friend or spouse just puts that little fire that helps me find my mojo. It could be taking your work somewhere else. One time when the kids and I were feeling cooped up I took the day off from my office work and we went to the coffee shop and did our work there. It made all the difference to get out of our environment. I also try to make our weekends have something exciting. In the winter it can take a little more thought but its worth it and I believe it helps the times when we are in a slump.

Don’t let your everyday be a groundhog day. Motivate yourself. Read a good book. Go to a play. Watch a good movie. Don’t make a to do list. Have fun. Laugh. Play a board game. Breathe in some fresh air. Do something nice for someone. Call someone and meet up for coffee. Get out of your same old environment.

What is a passion of yours? Are you doing what you love? What are some things to get you motivated when you have your slump days?