Anyone want a travel review?

I want to review an adventure. Fly me somewhere and I will review the flight, hotel, food – the whole experience. Any takers? anyone? yeah I didn’t think so. I would like to be a travel hacker. Has anyone read about Chris Guillebeau and his travel hacking? It looks really interesting. I need to do some more reading up on it. Awhile ago I read his $100 startup book but I think I need to refresh my memory because I still don’t know where to start.

I wish I could just travel and review places and that was my job. Can I do that with my whole family? I am not sure. My favorite thing to do is experience other cultures and other things. I want to see the world but when you have a family and money is an issue I don’t always see how that could happen but I am writing it down on my dream list. So if there is anyone who wants to fly me somewhere I am a taker after I figure out a few of the small details of course.

Are there any dreams you want but they seem entirely impossible?