Hitting a milestone




We all go through many milestones in life. It could be turning that certain age, or getting married and having babies.

Then as a parent we go through our kids milestones and we hit some that we went through again but  in a different way.

Yesterday I was part of my oldest boys milestone of getting his drivers permit. I was always a little scared of this day but I knew it was going to happen eventually so I had to suck it and be the strong mommy I needed to be.

He was so excited and for that I was so excited for him. I could feel his happiness seep out of him as he stared at that special drivers permit knowing he had accomplished something that was very important.

He carried that card around with him all day yesterday and would not let it out of his site. All I could do was smile and giggle inside.  This was a big day that would change something in him forever. A driving permit has limits but it was a step in him becoming the man and that his imminent independence would soon be bringing him.  We decided that a celebration was due for his achievement so we celebrated and had fun! His brother and sister were equally excited. Its a joy when we can all celebrate together!

It sure does feel good to let our kids reach these milestones and praise them. When you can see the smile and feel the joy in your child, that is a great monumental moment for a parent. I would not change anything about being a mom. I love all the ups and even the downs. I know that I was made to be a mom. For that I am thankful today!