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Make sure to be Amazing


You can be amazing today! What will you choose to do with your time? Will you smile at others? Will you do a kind deed for someone? Will you love yourself today? Will you be kind to you?

We are made to love. We are made to give to others. We are also made to love our self. And when you do it sure does feel good inside. The more you pay it forward, the more you feel free from the chains of a ho hum life.  I challenge everyone to try something nice today. Be it buying someone a coffee who is line behind you or making a call to friend you haven’t talked to in awhile.  There is so much we can choose to do with our time but when we are paying attention and not focusing on what we can do, the everyday things in life can take over.  Make a goal to write down one adventure you will do today and one good thing you will do today. It can also be a good thing for yourself. Many of us forget to take the time for our self because we are always giving time away and it is ok to do something for you. Go enjoy a cup of coffee or tea whatever it is you enjoy that is good or read a fun book. Have a lunch date with your spouse. Let each other know you are important to them.

What can you do today to pay it forward? Have you ever given to someone in a time of need and never expected anything in return?

Have you told your self you are beautiful and that God loves you? His love is eternal. You were made to shine. Be amazing and sparkle on!


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