First Day of Fall Snow


We woke up to our first day of snowfall. My daughter was super excited – Me not so much. My boys were so – so about it. One was less enthused than the other being he has a crippled foot that he can’t use for the next few months and snow seems to put a damper on the limited getting around he still can do.

I have not mentally prepared for yet another long winter.  I get so cold and it just lasts so long.

I made a list of some things that can get me prepared and maybe excited for winter:

*More snuggle time with my kids and hubby.

*I get to play around with my photography  ( not feel guilty because I have already been on computer so much for other work)

* Hot coffee and a good book

* Coffee

*Did I say Coffee yet?

*Beautiful Scenery

*Northern Lights

*Warm House

*Heated Blanket

*Down time


*Sledding and Hot chocolate parties

*Maybe I will take up skiing again even though its been about 10 years

*Get a little more organized in my office work

*Long johns and Hoodies ( Oh wait I practically wear that all year)

*Cute hats, scarves and gloves

* A new winter coat

and last I can look forward to a fresh start for a New Year.

So even though I was not too happy about snow falling and it letting me know that a  cold, dark winter will soon be on its way I have to be thankful I have a warm home and my family. Maybe this year I can embrace the cold and try to enjoy it a little bit more. When I was younger I would pray for snow but of course we grew up in Washington and it had more rain than snow.I am thinking I was crazy when I was little. Why do little kids love snow so much? Maybe cause its fluffy and pretty and they look at just day to day and not the long haul. I need to change my perspective I guess.  Where I live now its either rain or snow but I can’t ever get quite warm. I can say Alaska has provided us with a  good living and a great place for our kids to grow up and even when I wish I was somewhere in the warmth I am sure I would get tired of that place also. This means I will try hard not to whine and I will be thankful, at least try to be. 🙂




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