Reasons I enjoy marriage over dating…

I was pondering life last night and that I love being married. This had not always been the truth though. We have grown over the years and our love has come from being something small to unending precious life. For the most part I really prefer it over dating and its not so stressful….Well I guess partial truth, life is stressful no matter what but Dating is overwhelming and its been many years since I have dated. Since I have been married for 14 years and been dating my man for 16 years which is most of my dating life I really would not want to even try at my age. Not that I’m old or anything but I could not imagine even where to begin. In high school you are surrounded by all those boys and girls and its so easy to meet up and flirt and all that teenage stuff. I have been with my man since we were seniors in high school, I am not sure I would want to even try to go back. I know these do not relate to a lot of people but these are reasons why I enjoy marriage. There are some on this list that I’m being pretty silly but I really like that part as well because I just don’t have to try so hard. I can be just me.

1. I have someone to snuggle up to 95% of the time ( unless we are on a trip or something away from each other)

2. I no longer have to worry about bodily functions because we have been together so long it doesn’t really matter. ( this is a big one šŸ˜‰ )

3. Its ok if our breath stinks in the morning ( we do avoid a kiss and prefer brushing our teeth)4. He thinks I am sexy no matter if I gain weight or not he still loves me the way I am.

5.. I don’t have to shower every day if I don’t want to ( I usually prefer a shower daily though šŸ™‚ )

6.I don’t have to sit and wait for a phone call and worry if he likes me or not. Hes right next to me and that’s all that matters.

7.He’s pretty cute

8.We have made it this far I really don’t want to start over again.

9.I have trained this man this many years and I am happy where we are at.
10.If I want to leave the house messy for the day its ok.

11.He actually enjoys most of my cooking now.

12. If I want to leave the sheets on the bed an extra week its fine with him ( unless its one too many weeks than thats just gross.)

13.Silence is golden

13.It’s fine if we choose casual for a date night or even just staying home to go to bed without kids is a fun date

15.Date nights are casual and relaxing

16. I have someone to kiss anytime I want
17. we made awesome kids together
18. He protects me

I’ll think of more and update as I think of them


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