Broken things



My 10 year old broke his foot last week. It’s broken in 4 places. 1st, 2nd,3rd, and 5th metatarsals. Tomorrow morning he goes into surgery to get it realigned and pinned for 6 weeks. The Dr said about 6-9 months for completed healing and recovery. Lord help us.
It happened the last night of family visiting and our last sunny day we had. We of course have to go out with a bang.
A 10 year old has lots of energy and he is stuck laying on the couch with leg elevated not able to do much and it will be like this for a few more weeks. So I guess it is ok the weather went bad, it’s been pouring buckets of rain and blowing wind. I’m getting tired of it actually but chase is ok. He says I’m glad it’s yucky out cause I don’t feel so sad I can’t play. I have to say the trampoline that he jumped off will have seen better days. We decided to cut it up and take to dump. I can’t believe how bad he broke it. One second he was having fun with his brother, sister and cousin and next thing he’s completely broken and screaming ;(. It makes a mommy’s heart hurt when her babies hurt.
Now I’ve been told by ER docs and his orthopedic docs that trampolines are #1 accident causes. I hate to fall in to category of being afraid of everything but I’m almost to the point of being that mom that has to keep my kids in a bubble for all the crap we seem to go through. But you really can’t keep them safe from it all so I will skip the bubble.Wouldn’t it be nice though? Life is about living but I’m really hoping we get through this painful growing up years so I’m not always holding my breath. Now i know what my parents went through. This parenting stuff is tough work. For the heart and the mind and everything else in between.
I’m a little nervous about his surgery just cause anesthesia scares me but we are seeing one of the best foot Docs in Alaska. He took care of my husbands foot last year when he crushed it. All will be good. Now if we can just keep from seeing Drs for awhile Im good with that.


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