Its been awhile

I seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth of blogging. Life just zips on by and before I know it almost 2 months have gone by since I last posted. Im sure no one really missed me but I missed me. I have had so many thoughts running through my head I want to write but can’t seem to find the motivation or the right words to put down so I just don’t do anything.

Lots of things going on around here. My middle boy spent 3 weeks down in our old home town with my husbands family in Washington and then they brought him back home and stayed for 5 weeks here in Alaska. At first it seemed like it would be a long time to have company but we kept so busy that it flew by and I had so much extra help it made life a lot easier. Now I am really missing them.

We kept them very entertained while they visited. Halibut and Salmon fishing, shopping, dump runs, pig and turkey slaughtering, smoking fish and turkeys, rain, wind, sun.

The kids started school. We decided to homeschool my oldest this year. Thats a new journey I will have to write about. Some incidents and ER visits occurred while the fam was here also. My husband fell and we thought he broke his back, spent an evening at ER. He broke 2 spiky things off a vertebrae but nothing that is life damagaing or keeping him from walking so very thankful for that just a lot of pain for a few months. Then last week, the last night my in laws were here, my middle boy jumped off trampoline into grass and twisted his foot wrong, breaking two metatarsals completely displaced so now waiting for swelling to go down because they are thinking they need to operate and put pins in. I am praying for just a cast but I saw the XRay and it did not look pretty. The other thing is he is Celiac so his bones don’t heal as well from being malnourished for so long.  Other news my oldest boy got his insulin pump and we have been doing well on that. He seems happy to have it and  think it makes life easier. I am still not so sure.  In some ways the insulin pens are nice but its his body and he has to deal with injections so we opted to try the pump. I so pray for a healed pancreas. Hey its still possible. With God all things are. But for now I will be thankful he is alive and we are still dealing with his T1D ok. Everyday is different but its the hand we were dealt with so I will take all the good days I can get. I guess in a nutshell thats the most important stuff going on.

Its hunting season so the last few days have been quiet with only 3 of us at home and one is crippled not able to do much.  The weather has been windy and rainy with winter on its way so that makes  doing much of outside a nada.  I am still trying to prepare for winter when summer was not so great this year. Always looking to the silver lining.  At least more relaxation and warm cups of coffee snuggled up to a good book or movie.  I could use a fireplace right now too.

I feel like we are getting beaten down at every chance possible which makes me wonder if we are doing something Great and an outpouring of abundance will be on us or we are doing something terribly wrong. I just keep praying and living in Peace. Nothing worry will do to help me any.

We have big plans. I will be happy and not sad……

Jeremiah 29:11


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