Opinions everywhere


Life is funny. People are funny. Do you ever think how someone always has a comment or an opinion on anything you do or say. And sometimes those comments or opinions can be so irritating. Why is this? I know we all do it even if we hate it, right? I can be honest and say that I have it done it before. I try to keep my mouth shut and only say something after I have really thought about it but sometimes I mess up and speak before I think. I try not to judge and I try to give people benefit of the doubt. I’m not perfect though.

You know there are just times where you really don’t need someone’s else’s opinion you just want to speak and have someone listen, no words needed. Just to be loved amongst all your faults or shortcomings.

There are so many different opinions, judgements, thoughts, choices. Each of us has our own way to do things or speak or beliefs or way of raising our children. I guess that’s what makes us free. Free to choose and not one person will ever 100% agree with one another. Even though we all have our thoughts or opinions, the number 1 thing to do is just love.

These were Just some thoughts for my day.


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