I seem to do it too

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I seem to do it, even though I said the words at my younger years “when I have kids I will never do that or say that” ” I won’t do anything like my parents did”
Funny how that works because as I’m older and my kids are older I respect how we were raised and look at a lot of things my parents did and want to Implent those things. Memories and traditions and sayings and just plain fun.

The other day I was at the store with my kids, I was getting after them for being naughty and my son says to me ” When I’m a parent I won’t yell at my kids” I laughed and told him oh you will and most of time you won’t realize you are doing the same things that drove you crazy your parents said or did to you.
There is the” go play outside! ” “if you are bored I’ll give you some work to do. “That got us playing. We were never allowed to run in and out and if we did the doors would be locked.
My dad would have us haul wood piles from one area to another, we definitely did not stay bored long. There are so many sayings I say and little games it pretty funny

I’m sure we all think it. We think hey I can be a better parent. But truth is its just a roller coaster ride for all of us. There’s no book that can actually tell you how to parent. There are many parenting books out there but when it comes down to it most don’t really help in this world called everyday life. We will make mistakes, our kids will call us names some to our backs others to our faces and we will laugh and we will cry. I’m realizing we will savor the bittersweet moment even when we didn’t know we did. That’s the great thing about learning and making mistakes and just living. A manual does nothing , we have to do the trial to learn the methods. Thats the best way, live and learn and sometimes live and learn again.
There are some things I do choose different than our parents did but I will still say things my mom said without knowing it and it drove me crazy. I just laugh. No matter how hard we try I think certain words and sayings and actions are stuck into our minds and we can’t get away. So I realized I seem to do it too. But I’m thankful my parents loved me and disciplined me and taught me good life lessons and I hope by doing the things that drove me crazy, someday my kids will do it too.


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