Thai Chicken Salad Wrap



Today’s blog is going to be about food. I am always trying new recipes and trying to get healthier options that my kids will eat.  We absolutely love Thai and Japanese food.

Whats for dinner? Last night we had Thai Chicken lettuce wraps. I had seen these on TV once and thought I would try and make some up. I also look through my cookbooks and sometimes I do not have all the ingredients they ask for so on I went to make my version. My whole family loves them and even my kids. My husband could eat about 10 of them so I do have to make sure there are extras. We are a family of 5 and most of the time everyone’s very good eaters in our house if the food served is of their liking like these wraps.

Ingredients I used:

6 Chicken breasts

2 TBLSP Olive oil or Coconut Oil

2 TBLSP Minced onion

2 TBLSP Minced Garlic

2 TSP Minced Ginger

1/4 TSP Sea Salt

1 TBLSP Sesame Oil


1 Can Water chestnuts

2 TBLSP Almond Butter ( or peanut butter if you like)

2 TBLSP Gluten Free Tamari

2 TSP Hot Sauce

2 TSP Fish Sauce

2 TSP Sugar or Sugar substitute


Butter Leaf Lettuce

Cucumber with seeds removed and cut into thin strips maybe about 1 inch

Green Onions chopped

Mung Bean sprouts (optional)



I boil the chicken then chop up in food processor with ginger. Empty out chicken then I mince up garlic, onion in food processor.  In a skillet I heat up olive oil or Coconut Oil and add in minced onion and garlic. Fry it up till browned.  I add in the cooked chopped up chicken and minced ginger and brown that up. Add salt and sesame oil.

In the food processor I add can of water chestnuts, tamari, hot sauce, fish sauce, almond butter, sugar and pulse till combined. I add that to my chicken mixture in skillet. I add extra tamari and hot sauce to taste.

I wash and arrange my butter leaf lettuce on plates and scoop the chicken mixture then add the cucumber and green onions as a garnish and if you want some mung bean sprouts.


If you like rice that is a nice addition but I am staying away from extra carbs so I only give my kids a small serving of rice with our homemade teriyaki sauce because finding gluten free teriyaki sauce has been tough.

Its just water, tamari, sugar , minced garlic and ginger and pineapple juice boiled in a pan till thickened. Not sure of exact measurements its more of an eyeball thing. We don’t use it often as its lots of sugar but when I do make this recipe its nice as a side taste and it stays in fridge nicely.


Hope you enjoy! Most of the time I do this recipe to taste,  if you like extra garlic or onions or tamari etc, but I tried to give measurements best I could.  Its a quick and easy recipe and gets scarfed down, at least by us 🙂







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