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I love Apple

I love My apple iMac. I have loved Mac for a long time and do believe I will love it forever! My first Mac was an eMac and now I have an iPhone, iPad and iMac.

But My husband likes to disagree with me. I think he is just jealous how much I love my Mac, they could be in competition ;). We started our business in May 2011 and he said a PC would be better suited for our construction software and in the construction world. 6 months after we bought the PC, the hard drive went kaput. We had not backed up on an external hd so i had to re-enter everything back in, ( I’m thankful it was only 6 months) after the computer company we bought from replaced our hard drive. I now do external backups, sometimes it takes hard lessons learned. There is some of the construction software that is only user friendly on the PC which I really am not happy about because I want to be on my Mac 😉 I do hope it changes someday. All business world should use a Mac.

With the Mac I can do it all. We still have our eMac that we bought back in 2004. It’s quite bulky and not at all like the display on the newer ones but I’m amazed it’s still running. A PC would always die on us after a year. We have updated to the iMac which I absolutely LOVE. I plan my next purchase of apple to be a MacBook. I love the apps, the ease, how everything is in one. It’s perfect!
There are awesome programs that come with it and doing my love of video, music and photos it all just collaborates perfectly. Steve Jobs was/is a genius. The only complaint about apple is all the upgrades every year. I swear we get a new model and they come out with the next one. But because I love it I will keep it and when needed, I will upgrade.
So anyone else love apple as much as do?! All this apple talk I’m getting kinda hungry. Time to go play on my iPad.


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