Step out and stop this

It has been 9 months since my oldest was diagnosed with T1D(juvenile diabetes). Not even a month after he was hospitalized we did the step out to walk to stop diabetes through the ADA and a huge group of friends and family supported us. I am amazed at all the good people in our life and all the support we have received this year. It just blows me away to know how good people’s hearts really are. So again this October, after his one year anniversary of diabetes we will walk again to try and find a cure. I’m unsure of all these foundations and why all this has to be but I know if a little bit helps I will try my hardest to do my part.
So I made a team page and a video to go for our life and our walk. I am attaching it.
Things change so quickly before you can realize how good it was before. So remember the grass is not always greener on the other side you just have to water your own grass and it will grow. I’ve had to tell myself this many times. Not until I have had a rough few years, I didn’t remember how nice it was before hunter had to take blood and inject himself so many times and be hospitalized and I didn’t have to worry if he was waking up the next morning. I guess sometimes we have to go through this and realize hey we had it good and didn’t know it. Well I know it now but we aren’t letting these things get us down we will make it better and fight harder and be stronger because life has thrown us a few hiccups. Hope you enjoy and if you find a local walk nearby do it or some foundation or charity you want to volunteer or donate to do it. And remember love your life, embrace the loved ones around you and Know that life is too short to wait around and not enjoy it!!! Follow your dreams!

Go Team Hunter


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