Today I am doing my first Tri- swim/bike/run. I was suppose to this tri with my friend last summer but the timing was off with my vacation so I did not do it. This year I’m redeeming myself. I got out of the intense working out awhile ago due to some injuries and other issues and have not done any training or anything for quite some time. I was not happy with all the training and how i was feeling. I was getting sicker and not better. This year I’m in a different mindset and changing my eating habits and food quality and just overall way of working out. I’m a little nervous but I am doing it for fun and for my kids and because my girlfriend loves to talk me into doing crazy stuff.

She signed me up for a 5 mile race last week which I was pretty proud of myself despite the muscle pain I felt for quite a few days after. I did the race in around an hour for not running since last September. Two days before the run we had hiked a mountain and the went on an almost 20 mile bike ride. It’s been fun and Im Feeling energetic even with our crappy summer.

Today I am taking it easy, it’s not about my time or who Im competing against but the fact I did it and that I can do it. I am able. I woke up early and could not sleep any longer but I still have two hours before I go. I know it will be good and I can be proud of myself. So off I go to eat an omelette and drink lots of fluids and finish my Tri.


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