Summer or is it Fall?!!!

I’m not sure Alaska has really had a summer yet. It’s been rainy I think every day since kids got out of school. But I should be used to it every other year we get a nice summer or a rainy one but after a really long record breaking snowfall I was ready for some sunshine.
The thing with rain is keeping kids entertained. Board games, books, local library, chores, movies, video games,( tv and vids frustrate me) drawing- day after day gets old. So we signed up for kidsbowlfree free at our local bowling alley which actually is not free because I still have to pay for shoes and myself to bowl and then there is the movie theater, swimming pool and the bounce houses. All which cost money so if you are on a budget a lot of those get thrown out the window to do too much. We still make it out when the rain stops, and get some bike rides and hikes in. I guess I’m just needing a change.

Winter was long and we were stuck in house a lot and I don’t want to be stuck in house a lot for the summer but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money to keep kids entertained. I need to find more cost free things. I found some cool ideas on pinterest but even to get craft items cost money. I’m trying to train my kids that I don’t need to be their entertainment either. That’s what they have each other for. So far they are doing ok. One thing we do have tv and video games but electronics drive me nuts and there is a limit on them. I don’t find that as keeping entertained- please go outside and be a real kid.

I remember as a kid spending everyday outside with the neighborhood kids and only coming home when it was dinner. It’s a little different in my town we don’t have a lot of neighbor kids and the weather sucks here. I also tire of other kids and all they want to do is play video games and I want to kick them outside. We have 5 acres for the kids to take their friends on boat rides on the pond and creek, a tree fort to finish, chickens, pigs, trampoline, 4 wheelers and bikes and toys. I say grab a rain coat and boots and go have fun. But kids aren’t like they use to be. They seem to have gotten wimpier it seems, my kids included but I’m changing that.

Yesterday they played board games, we went bowling, they rode bikes, jumped on trampoline, they played dress up and got the nail polish out to paint their sisters fingers and ended doing their own which we laughed at. It was pretty funny for the boys – they had wigs on and scary dress up stuff. It was fun. They were being kids not glued in front of a tv or vid. There’s a day for that stuff but not everyday. I think Im doing ok teaching them it’s fun to be a kid and enjoy all life has to offer. You forget this as you get older. Am I only one who struggles with kid entertainment?
Now off to figure out today’s fun, yep it’s raining again.



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