The ancient art of oil pulling!?

Ever heard of oil pulling? Well I never have until a few weeks ago. I tried it for a few days and then stopped but decided today after reading another article on it that I would try it out again and see how it works. I’m going to use coconut oil when I do it because coconut oil tastes the best and seems so healthy it should work in oil pulling pretty well. I did actually just try it a few minutes ago but not sure if the headache I just got is from the toxins being pulled out or I’m tired. I guess I’ll know after a few days. The trick is being consistent and putting oil in my mouth just is odd. I mean I cook with it but that’s different and swishing for 15-20 minutes seems like forever especially when my kids are talking to me. Oh well my health is worth the try. Any one else tried this ancient oil pulling to rid of toxins? It would be interesting if it worked. We shall see. Here’s the article below.

coconut research


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