What’s in our food?

We watched this documentary the other night it was called “ingredients” you can find it on Netflix. It portrays farmers markets and farmers coming back to how our food was originally suppose to be. If you think about it how many fast food restauraunts are around each corner. This fast paced life has made everyone want everything fast but I’m beginning to realize that’s not making it better but much much worse. People say how healthy food is more expensive, I was /am one of those people. I have whats considered a big family -5 of us to feed. It seemed so much easier to grab a burger at the fast food joint on our way to a hockey practice or tournament but after we always felt so sick. Now that I have to plan our meals and cook most from home and from scratch recipes I find from books or Internet or tweak my old recipes we feel so much better and realize how food really can change you. We make it work and if you factor in all the medical costs it’s actually better to eat clean. What if we chose high quality foods that aren’t GMO or have pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics? I mean if these things didn’t exist would we have more of our small town farmer and not have all the health issues that surround us? Food Inc. is another documentary that is great to watch about this stuff.
Cooking from fresh ingredients takes a little more time but it’s worth it. There are days I don’t want to cook but thats a great day for my crockpot and the health food section at the store. Our goal this year is to try another small garden out of the pots on our back deck. They give us enough to feed our family, fresh lettuce , broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cucumbers, jalapeños, herbs, squash, etc and we have chickens which lay our own eggs which taste amazing. It’s nice to grow your own stuff and be proud of yourself and be healthy. I am a horrible gardener but nothing a little help from a friend with a green thumb or a book can’t help with. i am also going to visit the local farmers and farmer markets which if you start looking around you can find them and a local csa. It is a struggle but our body thanks it when we treat it nicely.
Check out and she has an app too. There are a ton of great recipes and health info. I’m addicted to her website.

Here are my protein bars I made yesterday so easy and my kids and hubby love them!!! You can find recipe from mutritious nuffins blog. I was using a cupcake pan to make these but invested in the bar pan, my son says they taste better square- silly boy- 😉



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